There are three categories of scholarships available in Cosmos College.

1. Full Scholarship: This covers 100% of all university and college fees. The number of scholarships available in each programme is nearly 5% of the approved number of seats in the programme.

The selection for this category of scholarship in administered by Pokhara University.

2. Limited scholarship as percentage of semester and tuition fees is awarded by the college at the time of admission on the basis of
* Merit(Performance in qualifying examination and pre-admission test) –upto 50%
* Additional scholarship belonging to the category of female/dalit/under privileged area – 10%

3. In every semester, high ranking students are awarded scholarship amount as percentage of semester and tuition fees based on performance in the previous semester.
a) In each programme of each intake year, the topper, the second and the third ranking students are awarded 100%,50% and 25% scholarship respectively.
b) Female college topper amongst all students of all programmes of all intake year(one in every 48 female students) are awarded 100% scholarship. This arrangement of award is made for BE and BBA categories, separately.

*If the students in concern obtain the same SGPA, the scholarship amount is shared.

A student is eligible for only one kind of scholarship with a higher value as far as that semester is concerned.