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Best College Award at KUSOM- Eco Carnival 2012


November 10 2012, BBA students of Cosmos College participated in KUSOM Eco- Carnival 2012, held at KUSOM premises in Balkumari.

Our management students were successful in securing the BEST COLLEGE AWARD at the Carnival. Cosmos College was honoured with the award for participation in all events, teamwork, audience reactions, judges? comments and originality.

Working with junks collected from the college and remains of ECHO 2012 for more than a week, Sadixa Rajbhandari, Bigya Shrestha, Rabina Shrestha, Bishnu Adhikari and Arati Khadka of II Semester, participants of Artistic Biz Junk managed to create beautiful waste paper baskets, flowers, greeting cards, photo frames, flower vase and of course the super hit Jewellery box, which was sold within the first hour of display at the carnival. Contestants managed to secure second position in this event.

In the Eco Campaign Documentary film making competition, our entry was the movie Unsparable Drops for which the filmmakers, Debendra Maharjan and Ashish Maharjan of IV Semester and Amin Maharjan of VI Semester were awarded the second position. The judges commented that their work was original and unique.

Similarly, our own designer Anjana Lama of IV semester showed her creativity by making beautiful outfits for the Revamp Ramp. The models were looking ravishing in the beautiful gowns, bags and accessories made out of old sacks, shopping bags, old CD?s, noodle packets, and bottle caps. Judges came up to the stage and showered the designer with praises.

Management Drama scripted by Anjali Shakya of IV Semester, dealt with the problems faced by women in work situations. Saroj Khanal of II Semester played the role of a doting manager; Usha Wagle of IV Semester was the narrator as well as maid who goes to office with a baby. Bandana Wagle of IV Semester played the role of an over enthusiastic receptionist; Anjali Shakya as the pregnant counsellor; Sushmita KC of VI semester as the recently engaged secretary and Rupesh Maharjan of VI Semester as the angry client.

Of the three participants in the slow Bike Race Debendra Mahrajan stood third, whereas Nischal Dhakal and Sudip Ghimire of II Semester were more comfortable with speed racing.

Our participants for Debate Anjali Shakya and Usha Wagle of IV semester spoke well and put up a good argument. Alt Use participants Sunny Sanjel of II Semester and Rupesh Maharjan did their best. For Thematic Slogan Making Iswori Maharjan and Bal Krishna Maharjan of VI Semester and Sirapa Chitrakar of IV semester showed their creative side followed by a good presentation. Eco-Campaign Poster by Amin Maharjan of VI Semester was extremely meaningful. They were appreciated for thinking outside the box. Paper Mache tested the artistic skills of our participants Tanchho Tanbochhe, Sanjeela Dangol of IV Semester along with Saru Shrestha of II Semster.

All in all the participation in Eco Carnival was a fun learning experience for all the participants.

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