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Cosmos at NADA


Comos Robotics Club (CRC) participated in eighth edition of NADA auto-show held at Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall, Kathmandu from sep 19 to 23. Our students got an opportunity to reveal their projects at the auto-show. Some of the projects displayed at NADA are:

  • Cleaner with obstacle detector: The artificial robot is designed to clean rooms automatically. It has four wheels, one micro-controller and two digital sensors to detect obstacles and collect dust.
  • Robotic snake: It is a snake like mechanical structure which uses six servomotors for fixed rotation to give a motion similar to a snake.
  • Staircase climbing: It is a huge mechanical structure, which automatically climbs staircase or blocks. This device uses six legs for continuous movement and it can move anywhere.
  • Line follower without micro-controller: It is an analog IR Sensor based device which tracks white line or a black line. The speed of the robot can be regulated using various sensors.
  • In NADA, Mr. Barsha Man Pun, Finance Minister observed the projects and interacted with the students giving them words of encouragement.