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Goodbyes with Friendly Games!


In the five-a-side Football match, faculty won the game 4-1. Mr. Amar K.C. (Asst. Lecturer) and Mr. Mohan Maharjan (Visiting Faculty) scored a goal each, along with a brace by Mr. Rajesh Khadka (Asst. Lecturer) the faculty team sailed for victory. Mr. Dinesh Maharjan of BCE07 scored a solitary goal from the students? side.

Meanwhile, in the best of three games Volleyball match, the students secured a win over the faculty with a score of 2-1. In the first game the students snatched a narrow win with score of 25-24. The faculty made a comeback with 23-25 in the second game. However the students held their nerves to win the third game 25-22 and secured victory in the Volleyball match.

Congratulations Winners!!